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Burial and Four Tet have had some recent collaborations, but none so productive as ‘Nova’. This six minute song has everything expected and more from a collaboration between two of the biggest names in the downtempo, glitchhop scene currently. Overall, a classic song with the perfect amount of chaotic noise mixed with the calming serenity of those echoing vocals.


His voice soaring above the swelling power of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra conjures an immense wall of sound, this is truly one of their proudest achievements. The enchanting melodies absorb you and suck you into a song which you cannot help but softly sway too.

NOSAJ THING: Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino

The new Nosaj Thing release is an absolute stonker. The opening piano and drums instantly draws you into a heady swirl of glitchy, strange goodness.

Kazu Makino’s vocals drift through the song binding it together in an ethereal haze.

More can be found here:


OTHER LIVES: Tamer Animals (Atoms for Peace Remix)

This track from Other Lives has been remixed astoundingly by Atoms For Peace; keeping the laidback, soulful feeling of the original but moving it into a different pathway with it’s eery synths and galloping drum patterns.

Other Lives have an album out which is fantastic; do check it/them out.

More music by Other Lives & Atoms For Peace:



WITH JOYFUL LIPS: Suspension of Disbelief.


KING RAAM: The Hunter (Shekarchi)

'Songs of the Wolves' is the product of Iranian born Raam, and poet Tara Aqhdashloo, who inspired Raam to sing in his native language; Persian.

The product is a soulful, melancholy album which feels restrained, but at the same time exotic and experimental. The opening track ‘The Hunter (Shekarchi)’ is a swelling guitar driven track where in mournful sombre tones Raam’s voice leads melodically over the top of a complicated, yet traditional track.

This album is currently available for free at bandcamp, so grab it quick;


  • THE DRUMS: Days (Trentmøller Remix)

The Drums get remixed by Trentmøller, who turns this classic on its head. Warping it into a trembly, soulful and suitably thought-provoking remix. Trentmøller pulls out all the stops on this tune and it is more than effective!

  • PHAELEH: Afterglow feat. Soundmouse

Phaeleh’s track featuring enchanting vocals from Soundmouse will soak your very soul with relaxation. He’s an artist from Bristol who is pioneering IDM with his downtempo beats and the haunting atmospheres in his songs.

His work can be found here:


DIPLO feat. JAHAN LENNON: About That Life

real gem from Diplo released on his sublabel Jeffree’s, this song sees Diplo take an entire new direction from his heady, sweat inducing EP Express Yourself into a quieter, more subtle realm. Jahan Lennon provides the soothing vocals on this gem of a track.

Diplo’s work can be found here:


WILD BEASTS: Two Dancers (Jon Hopkins Remix)

Jon Hopkins creates a very different twist on a Wild Beasts classic, both artists are fantastic and if you enjoy any sort of minimal IDM then Jon Hopkins is a fantastic artist to listen too. His solo album ‘Light Through the Veins’ is an astounding piece of work which twists and turns throughout the album, taking the listener on an epic journey through various soundscapes.
Wild Beasts too are an astounding three piece which have received critical acclaim throughout their career, releasing three albums and with rumours of a fourth.
Another album worthy of note is Jon Hopkins collaboration with King Creosote, where they released an album called ‘Gold Mine’. It is extremely interesting and without a doubt worth buying.

-Their work can be found here: